Young Boy’s Loyal Dog Refuses To Let Him Stay In The Hospital Alone

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James is 9-years-old and autistic. His best friend is a black lab names Mahe that calms him down and provides support and companionship when times are tough. The two are inseparable and when James had to stay in the hospital for a few days, Mahe never left his side.



James suffers from seizures and was quite nervous when he was told he had to get an MRI done. His nerves were settled however when he found out Mahe was going to be allowed to stay with him during his hospital stay. 



Mahe was very concerned for James and never left his side. 


Such an incredible companion!


Mahe has truly improved the life of the Isaac family. Mahe became part of the family two years ago and ever since James has become a much calmer child. 

Mahe has also improved safety concerns for James’ parents. While outside the James and Mahe are attached to one another. If the boy runs off or begins walking towards the road, the dog will sit down, preventing James from going into harm’s way.



“There is such a magic that happens between a child with autism and the dogs, they just calm the kids down. The kids will maintain eye contact with the dog, but often not with their own parents and siblings.” – Wendy, The Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust

Mahe will also be helping with James’ seizures if they do continue to persist. The dog will be able to pick up on the early warning signs that James is about to go into a seizure, and he will then bark to alert the parents of what is about to happen.



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