Young Colorado Hunter Forced To Fire On Mountain Lion To Ward Off Attack

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A young female hunter was deep in the Colorado woods when a mountain lion decided to ‘hunt’ her. Luckily, the young woman was fearless, smart and was able to ward off an attack.

The incident took place in Gunnison, Colorado, where the young lady was out in the woods for a day of deer hunting. As she was sitting in her hunting spot – a place where deer and elk tracks were present, a mildly aggressive mountain lion made its presence known.

As the mountain lion starred at the woman, she attempted to yell at the wild animal in order to get it to flee…but it wouldn’t move. She then attempted to ‘growl’ at the lion, but again, it wouldn’t run away. She throws her phone down onto the ground and gets her gun ready to shoot and that’s when she feels the mountain lion is ready to pounce at her.

With a single shot (not shown on camera), the mountain lion jumps into the air and flees into the woods.

She then picks up her phone, video still rolling and explains that she had to shoot the lion and is unware if the lion will live or not.

Did she make the right call?