Young Woman’s Rendition Of The Star Spangled Banner Is A Touching Memorial Day Tribute

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Singer and musician Abby Anderson created a wonderful arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner and produced a beautiful #video to go along with it. The piece is a touching #Memorial Day tribute. Her arrangement and vocals will give you chills. The piece has won the like of many, included Mr. Glenn Beck.

Here is the description of the video via Abby’s Youtube channel.

“After listening to her arrangement of “The Star Spangled Banner”, Mr. Glenn Beck pulled out a hymn book and read to Abby the third and last verse of the song. With tears in His eyes and tears in hers, he said, “America needs to hear these words”. Abby sends a powerful reminder to all those who enjoy freedom where that freedom comes from through this new arrangement. Listen carefully to the introduction and hear the words of the third verse that is too often forgotten in “The Star Spangled Banner”. And let us all remember what great power and who’s power it is that makes us free!”

Source : Youtube

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