How Young Is Too Young? 14-Year-Old Model Sparks ‘Model Age’ Debate

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Controversy has long been a part of the modeling world. Many young girls strive to get into the modeling industry, some do, while many never make the cut. Sadly, society has created a mold of ‘what a model should look like’, and this mold is severely flawed.

The physical attributes that are required to enter the modeling world take a very serious psychological and psychical toll on woman all over the world. Most all models are required to be ‘skinny’ with very specific bodily attributes, and the modeling industries definition of ‘skinny’ is also, extremely flawed.

Women and young girls who get turned down from the modeling guru’s are often told what they need to improve physically in order to apply for the position again. These women and girls are picked over as though they were cattle and if they are not the ‘prized’ cut of meat, they are tossed aside, left holding a concerning bag of emotions.


14-year-old model Israeli model Sofia Mechetner is the new face of Doir.

With that said, the video below with 14-year-old model Israeli model Sofia Mechetner opens up a slew of concerns. Is a 14-year-old girl mentally prepared for the psychological anguish in which they endure while being a model? At 14-years-old that is a ton of pressure to take on. Is the modeling industry an appropriate place for a young teen? This is a place where people are judged based on their looks and physical appearance and is that any place for a child to be? Lets not forget that most models jobs are  to make a product look attractive and ‘sexy’, again, is this an industry for a child?


Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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