Your Charity Checklist: Key Considerations When Choosing A Charity

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Giving to charity helps others, it makes you feel good inside, and can even offer various tax advantages. Perhaps best of all is the ability to make a real difference in someone else’s life, even if you don’t know who has been helped.

However, whether you’re giving to charity out of a sense of moral duty or simply for personal gratification, you need to know how to choose the right charity.

What Means The Most To You?

It’s a good idea to think about what means the most to you. For example. If you are passionate about children you may want to donate to a charity that looks after children or helps them get adopted.

Equally, if you’re passionate about animals there are plenty of charities that help animals. By choosing a charity that you feel strongly about you will be more likely to give generously, regularly, and it will feel more rewarding.

Local or International?

Once you have worked out what type of charity you would most likely to donate to then, you’re going to need to think about whether to stay local, go national, or even international. It can be difficult to know where your money will have the most impact on those that really need it.

That’s why you should consider a charity that operates both locally and nationally, such as Surf Life Saving Australia. Your donation will help young people learn life-saving skills and you may even benefit from these skills one day.

It is generally more satisfying and easier to see the benefits of specific donations if you give locally.

Do They Offer Feedback

There are plenty of people that like to give anonymously and are happy to give, allowing the charity to sort the best use of specific donations.

However, if you prefer to know that your donation is helping, there are charities that offer feedback. The charity will send you regular emails with information and newsletters that allow you to see what the charity is doing, how it is using its money, and what you have helped them to achieve.

Feedback helps to ensure you make future donations!

The Donation Schedule

It’s perfectly acceptable to make a one-off donation to your desired charity. However, you can also create a standing order that allows you to donate regularly and directly from your bank. This helps to ensure you don’t forget and shows your commitment to helping others.

It is worth noting that you don’t just have to donate money. You can donate your time. This is especially true with some local charities, such as Surf Life Saving or animal charities.

It’s also possible to include a donation to a charity in your will, ensuring you make a final donation that will help.

Specifics Regarding Donations

It is possible to choose exactly what your donation does. This is a great way of making sure your funds help others as opposed to simply being used in any way the charity feels fit.

Once you’ve worked out your giving preferences you can start donating to charity regularly.