YouTuber Wins In $100,000 Challenge, But Flat-Earther Refuses To Pay

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Since the 6th century B.C., Aristotle, a Greek philosopher had already documented that the Earth we live in is a spherical shape. This idea was further developed by other renowned scientists throughout history such as Isaac Newton in the 17th century.  Despite all these conclusions, there are still thousands of people who actually believe that the Earth is flat. An Australian YouTuber Woflie6020 than started a channel to prove The Flat-Earthers wrong.

Along with the many videos Wolfie6020 has uploaded as to why The Flat Earth movement makes no sense, there are really just some people that insist on convincing him otherwise. Recently, a fellow YouTuber with the name of Flat Out Hero challenged Wolfie6020 with $100,000 to prove that the earth is in fact, flat. The challenge was to prove that the distance from one point of the earth to the other should be equal; as well as taking 90-degree turns at every point of flight path change. Naturally, he accepted this challenge.

Source: Screenshot from Youtube

Wolfie6020 then shared a video of a flight path that begins in the Galapagos and ends in the Gulf of Guinea in Africa; to the North Pole, and then back to the Galapagos. Each leg comprises of about 10,000 kilometres or roughly one quarter of the earth.  In a span of two months, this video garnered close to 6 million views.

After demonstrating his flight plan, the Wolfie6020declared:

Source: Screenshot from Youtube

“Mr Flat Out Hero, your challenge has been answered. The requirements, as you stated them, have been satisfied! It is now your turn to honor your challenge and pay me the $100,000. I plan to give half of that to the Westmead Children’s Hospital and use the other half as prize money in future contests on this channel. So let’s see if you’re a man of your word and will honor your challenge!”

Flat Out Hero admitted that while the route had indeed been plotted, he claims that this route is impossible to fly in. YouTube fans have declared Flat Out Hero was all talk and doesn’t really have the money, or just too flat out stubborn to admit defeat.