Youtubers Expose The Horrific Drug Crisis That Is Kensington District, Philadelphia

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Philadelphia is one of my favorite cities in all of the U.S., it has culture, history, nightlife…and it really has some great people. But there is a part of Philadelphia that many don’t know about and more than likely have never seen. The Kensington neighborhood.

Kensington was the birthplace of the K&A Gang, an Irish American organized crime association known for their distribution of methamphetamine in the 1980s. Over time black and Hispanic street dealers took over larger portions of the drug trade, especially heroin, fentanyl, and crack cocaine.

Now a days, the streets of Kensington, Philadelphia are still filled with drugs with hundreds of drug addicts roaming and living on the streets. Trash, used needles, shopping carts and public drug use are a normality.

Many Youtubers have began documenting the lives of people in Kensington…interviewing people who live there, getting their stories and getting a feel for everyday life on the streets as a drug addict.

Meth, opiates and heroin run rampant. Drug dealers openly walk the streets offering free samples. Young girls prostituting for money just afford their drug habit.

Thousands of used needles and needle packaging discarded near the train tracks.

One of the Youtuber’s diving into this horrendous issue and interviewing people right in the heart of Kensington is ALL TIME MEDIA.

This type of gorilla interviewing certainly opens your eyes to the issues that America is facing in regards to drugs and homelessness. Not just in Philadelphia, but all across the country. These are the types of videos and interviews that mainstream media simply don’t show, create or address.

Click this link to watch more of ALL TIME MEDIA’s videos.