Alleged Trespasser Shoots Music Video At Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch

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Neverland Ranch was the background for a new music video, but it wasn’t for a Michael Jackson tune – it was for an artist who allegedly trespassed on the property.

Artist ‘Daeshard’ shot the music video and while he states that he had permission to be on the property — the folks who run the property state otherwise.

Colony Capital, which owns the ranch have stated that the video was not licensed and Daeshard did not have permission to be there. In fact, Colony Capital stated that individuals who shot the video, consisting of Daeshard, were trespassing and security had to kick them out.

There were three people in total that trespassed onto the property, and when confronted — they attempting to conceal three GoPro cameras and their iPhones.

There is no word on when the music video will be released — but then again — who really cares?!?