Here Is How Much Americans Spend On Christmas Presents

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Christmas has evolved from a religious holiday where family and friends gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ to a full out spending and giving spree — especially in America.

Each year Americans spend thousands of dollars on Christmas gifts to gift to family and friends. While it typically makes someone feel good to give someone a gift, that good feeling can cost big money sometimes!

Let’s take a look at how much the American gift giver spends on Christmas gifts each year — on average. 

  1. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spend an average of $997.73 on Christmas.
  2. Roughly 71% of that money is spent on Christmas gifts.
  3. 96% of Americans spend their money on gifts for family members.
  4. $200 to $400 is spent on Christmas items that are not gift related.
  5. Men typically spent 10% more on Christmas gifts than women do.
  6. 45-54 year old people spend the most money on Christmas gifts.
  7. The Northeast spend about $100 more on gifts each year, over the South.
  8. The most popular gift items given are gift cards.
  9. 48% of Americans start Christmas shopping before October.
  10. Over 63% of Americans shop online for Christmas gifts.

In 2002 the holiday season brought in $416 billion. That number has risen to over $900 billion in 2022. Now that’s a lot of gift giving.