Bears Repeatedly Break Into California Store And Steal Snacks

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Surveillance videos from a gas station in Kings Beach, California, show a bear going inside the gas station’s convenience store three times in the past month, KOVR in Sacramento reported.

On Aug. 12, the store’s surveillance camera recorded a customer outside of the shop slapping the bear’s butt as it entered before quickly retreating.

Then, an even scarier incident took place, video shows a store employee trying to stop the bear from walking further inside. The bear snaps toward the man, who then backs off.

“It was kind of scary, yeah, I’m not going to lie,” the employee, Paul Heigh, told KOVR. “It’s not in the job description, no, not at all. Fighting off bears was not in the job description.”

The next day…incredibly…the bear came back for more! The store’s cameras then show a bear back in the store, lounging on the floor and snacking on candy and crackers, according to the report.

This isn’t the only store in town that has had a recent bear run-in. A viral video showed a bear walking into a Safeway grocery store in Kings Beach on Aug. 15. That bear simply rummaged around the store for a bit, grabbed a bag of potato chips and left.

The woman who shot that video, Adina Baidoo, said she had almost walked right into the bear when another shopper warned her.