Man Celebrates Not Working For 11 Months, Receives Massive Tax Refund

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Ann Arbor, Michigan – Larry Goss is in his mid 30’s and just got done filing his taxes with his local H&R Block tax rep.  Upon leaving the local Ann Arbor Block office, Goss was spotted doing some sort of erotic dance routine in the parking lot.  “There were a ton of fist pumps going on that’s for sure…and the occasional pelvic thrust too” stated an eye witness to the dance routine.

Another witness (Artie B.), who’s vehicle was parked next to Goss’ 1983 Subaru gave us a brief run down as to why the man was so estatic.

I was trying to back out of my parking spot but had to wait because of some foolish dance routine that was taking place.  I had just had my taxes prepared on my lunch break and I needed to get back to work…needless to say I wasn’t impressed, no matter how awesome his dance moves were.  I rolled down my window and with just a little tension in my voice, asked what the hell was going on.”

What came out of his mouth made me sick…I was so livid.  It was like he couldn’t wait to tell me why he was soooooo happy.”

“I have been so depressed for the last 11 months you know…I have been out of work and am just so frickin’ bored, I was going nuts man…there are only so many video games to play bro.  I totally came here to the H&R Block to get a little cash flow going…you know, get some bill money, play money and I was just told I’m getting back like $13,585.  Woooot Woooot!, Goss exclaimed.

tax dude

Photo Credit : Artie B. – Cell phone photo of Larry Goss. Goss received a ridiculously massive tax refund working only 1 month last year.





















Hearing that just about blew my gasket, here I am trying to rush back to my J.O.B. after getting ass banged by the tax man for being a middle class citizen and this dippy doo is grinding and twerking with no place to go and stacks of cash.  The good Ol’ U.S. of A…yea…that’s it.”


Goss snapped this photo of Artie B. as he was finally heading back to work. The photo was taken from Goss’ new Obama smart phone.


Author – CJ@AJ

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