Couple’s Date Night Idea Goes Viral As A Relationship Game Changer

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Rosie Piper is a social media content creator from Idaho. Lately, Rosie has been telling her followers how her and her husband Ryan have been orchestrating date nights in order to keep their relationship happy and healthy. The idea Rosie put forth – has since gone viral.

The idea is quite simple, yet brilliant:  They commit to two dates per month. One is a date at home, and one is a date outside their house. They alternate who is responsible for planning each one.

The couple has been together for 9-years and were married in 2021. Noticing that the wedding planning was taking away from the couples date nights, Rosie and Ryan instituted a more ridged plan.

Rosie told the HuffPost “With quality time being such a vital part of our relationship, I thought of the idea to make sure we prioritized this area of our life,” she said. “Plus, my husband and I are big planners and like to have planned dates on the calendar, so this helped us make sure we did that monthly.”


Rosie also stated that the planned dates have allowed the couple to experience all sorts of fun stuff together, in addition to making them closer!

“It’s so easy to get in the routine of just hanging on the couch together or planning time with friends, that dates may just not happen as often,” she said. “Especially living together, you are always spending time together, but that’s not a date — that is just living! So making this a part of our monthly plan has been something we look forward to and have made some of our favorite memories from it.”

“In November, Ryan planned an afternoon to get into the holiday spirit and decorate our house for Christmas. He made us Christmas cocktails, apps and an incredible dinner, on top of making sure we had all the stuff ready to decorate. Then, we finished the night watching a holiday favorite, ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles,’” Piper said.

“Another favorite was in August when I planned an at-home date and themed it as an Italian night,” she added. “We had recently got back from our summer vacation in Italy, so I prepped an evening of yummy Italian food for us. We also did these cards called ‘Love Lingual’ that are super fun and unique questions to chat with your partner about.”

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It’s a pretty great idea and one that couple’s should try out! When you think about it, Rosie is right! Relationships can easily fall into the day to day routine and can become ‘blah’. Why not put in a little effort and get the most of the relationship. Enjoy your partner, have fun and live life together!