Exploding E-Cigs: Myth or Reality?

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An electronic cigarette is not a novelty in our time, and many of those who used to smoke conventional cigarettes prefer it. Adherents of vaping explain their choice by the fact that these devices are safe since they allow the lungs not to be contaminated with the tar that is present in ordinary cigarettes. Nevertheless, in recent years, the world has been discussing that these devices have another danger – electronic cigarettes may explode. But is this so and why is this happening?

What should a vaper do to avoid such a phenomenon?

For an electronic cigarette, as for any device, there are norms and operational requirements. Their non-compliance can lead to increased risk undesirable consequences. For example, a battery explosion.

An electronic cigarette is a device that consists of the main four parts: an atomizer (evaporator), a battery, a control board, a charger (read more about e vapor brands at VapingDaily). Complex devices can include more components, such as a microchip, a traction sensor, a screen, various protective mechanisms. This is quite a complicated device that requires careful handling.

First, let us talk about what are elements of the e-cigarette and what requirements are prescribed in the instructions for use.

General requirements – to avoid getting liquid on the thread of the connector, do not make “unsharp” inclusions (without tightening) to prevent condensation from the atomizer. Use only the appropriate charger, and the charging process must be carried out in a refractory bag or at least under supervision.

It is also important – to properly operate the battery and charging to avoid its failure, as well as a possible explosion, more about this:

What happens in the battery that it explodes?

A chemical reaction with a sizeable instantaneous heat release, which occurs due to damage to internal insulation, short circuit, overheating. The qualitative batteries only swell at the surface. If the battery was damaged or not of high quality – the inner insulation side breaks under pressure.

Now very often began to appear reports that people were hospitalized with burns as a result of the explosion of the battery of various devices, including e cig. Yes, there were such cases, and it is worth observing some important rules to avoid this.

How to avoid an explosion?

– Choose high-quality products.

Cheap e vapor cannot guarantee you complete safety. The quality of the material does not always match the requirement. Cheap manufacturers do not check the device for serviceability. Batteries with additional temperature controllers and protection are much more expensive.

– Observe the safety standards when charging.

Any battery can undergo an explosion (swelling). This could happen to any device’s battery such as e-cigarettes, mobile phones, laptops, players, etc. That is why it is recommended to perform charging in a special refractory bag. Do not leave the charging process without your attention.

– Lock the power button.

If the lock function is provided, use it before putting the cigarette in your pocket/bag.

– Do not use damaged devices.

When you have seen scratches, damages, dents, bloating, you should not use the battery with such damage.

– Watch for winding.

Resistance below 0.3 Ohm is almost a short circuit (take into account the measurement error). Using such an ultra-low resistance in devices without protection board is indeed not safe. If the e cig vaporizer does not have an ohmmeter, be sure to check your winding with a third-party measuring device.

Reasons for an explosion:

  • Trying to get more steam with a cheap device. The inconsistency of the low-current battery with a massive load of winding. It is very common for the evaporator parameters to mismatch the parameters required by the battery, the most vulnerable are devices without stabilizing and protective boards.

  • Use of damaged electronic cigar. Both mechanically during operation and defective in production. There may also be problems due to the failure of the charge controller.

  • Physical damage during use (falling on a hard surface, falling into a fracture in a pocket or bag).

  • Exposure to high temperatures from outside (left in the car under the sun, close to the source of heat: heating appliances, open fire).

  • Violation of the polarity of the battery also leads to damage.

  • Attempts to open the battery case, a physical closing of the metal contacts of the battery.

  • Another reason for the short circuit is the improperly selected charger. The discrepancy between the technical characteristics of the battery and the device for its charging is a frequent cause of its overheating, as a result – of ignition. The batteries of electronic cigarettes are charged using a USB port. It is universal, so users often use charging from other equipment, completely forgetting about the higher currents conducted by these devices.

How to recognize the danger?

Some signs will help to suspect that an explosion of an electronic cigarette is possible. It is better to prevent than to deal with it later.

-You had better be pricked up if you notice that the battery has become very hot during the use of the device. Some of the users who suffered from the device claim that before the fire and explosion (sometimes it happens in this sequence) the battery warmed to such an extent that the device just could not be held in hands.

– The danger that there may be an explosion, according to many users, can be determined by a swollen battery. However, such a state of one of the most critical parts of the device is not normal, and in this connection, it must be replaced urgently.

– The sign of the approaching danger can be the flow of liquid that can get on the battery, as well as changes in the taste and odor of the released steam, especially if there is an admixture of fumes.

To conclude

Despite the fact that the media may have exaggerated the problem of the explosion of such devices, it does occur. Remember that an electronic cigarette cannot explode in any other part but the battery.

This means that you need to pay attention to maintenance of it and do not skimp on time, strength, and if necessary, the money to purchase a device with a high-quality battery.

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