Grizzly Bear Mom Stands Up To Hunters And They Are Blown Away By Her Incredible Height

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A mother grizzly bear approached two hunters in Alberta, Canada, and blew their minds when she stood and towered over their truck. (Watch the video below.)

The massive mother bear was walking on a backroad with her three cubs when she wandered over toward Justin Giesbrecht and his father Ray, who were observing the bear family from their truck. The animal checked out the two through a closed window, stood up and towered over their vehicle!

“That got my heart rate going,” one of the hunters said. “I thought she was gonna come smash the truck.”

Justin Giesbrecht told For the Win the men were on a deer hunt near Edson on Oct. 31.

“We left the area out of respect for the grizzly family,” he told Viral Hog.