How One Artist Changes His Career By Sneaking His Art Into Drake’s House Party

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Atlanta artist ‘Artlanta‘ had his entire career blown up (in a good way) after he took the chance of a lifetime.

Artlanta is an incredible artist who had a decent following when it came to his artwork — but everything changed after he decided to gift singer/rapper Drake an original painting of Drake and his son. While that’s pretty cool, it’s nowhere near as cool as how he was able to get the painting to Drake himself.

Drake was having a massive birthday party at his house and Artlanta decided that he was going to sneak the painting inside Drake’s home during the party and hope he was cool with it.

Artlanta rolled up to Drake’s house with the painting, telling Drake’s security that Drake’s father told him to surprise Drake. Security let him inside the house. Once in, Artlanta made his way through the house and popped the painting up in a room where he knew Drake would see it.

Later that night, Artlanta went back to the party when it was bumping and filled with people. Security remembered him and let him right in. Artlanta found Drake, said what’s up and then told him that he was the one who painted the painting. Drake was blown away and loved it. Drake then blew Artlanta up on Instagram and the rest is history.

Artlanta went from selling a painting from $250 to over $50,000. Such a cool story!

Check out Artlanta telling the entire story in detail below:


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