Huge Birds Eye Pet Dogs Through Apartment Window As Lockdown Leaves Streets Empty Of Food

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A crazy, yet somewhat cool video coming out of Chile has surfaced and it shows some of the world’s largest birds trying snack on a few tiny dogs – through an apartment window!

In the clip, a pair of condors that have been left hungry by the departure of people from local streets size up the pooches in a penthouse apartment in Chile.

The pups can be seen barking and ‘yapping’ at the giant birds through the glass as the birds ‘peck’ the glass with their massive beaks. The dogs, unaware that these birds would totally eat them – seem to think it’s a fun little game between bird and dog.

Although condor’s prefer to eat carrion, Andean condors have been noted to sometimes hunt small, live animals, such as rodents, birds, and rabbits.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature classifies them as Near Threatened in their red list and it is the largest flying bird in the world in terms of combined measurements of weight and wingspan – which can stretch to an incredible 3.3 metres (10 feet 10 inches).