Jeeps Apparently All Have ‘Easter Eggs’ Hidden Somewhere On The Vehicle

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If you are a Jeep owner, there might be something hidden in your car, right under your nose and probably never even realized it!

Some people who own Jeeps aren’t aware that most models have hidden Easter eggs—mysterious imprints and stickers, including lizards, spiders, a Sasquatch, and other symbols.

Many Jeep owners became aware of this awesome little secret when 20-year-old student Jackie Foster shared his own Jeep Easter egg spider in his TikTok video. Now people are sharing their own Easter egg finds by uploading videos and pictures of them.

@jackiefoster40🕷JEEP WAS REALING TRYING TO GET ME.🕷🤦🏼😂 ##fyp ##jeepsoftiktok ##spider♬ original sound – jackiefoster40

Jackie definitely started a worldwide Easter egg hunt!

People started sharing their own Easter egg finds.

Image credits: katepetersonn

There are a ton of different hidden gems throughout Jeeps!

@jazzy._.booi never realized these were easter eggs😳 ##fyp ##jeeprenegade♬ original sound – jackiefoster40

A secret Sasquatch…

Image credits: katie.deren

An old school jeep worked into the back windshield…

A replica Jeep grill in the headlight…

Image credits: kennedankk

Image credits: kennedankk

Image credits: bellehendi


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Image credits:

Image credits: bellehendi

Here is an in depth video about Jeep’s Easter eggs.

Joel Feder explains in a piece on Motor Authority when Jeep started putting various awesome Easter eggs into their cars. The person behind the first hidden secrets is Michael Santoro who worked on the 1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ.