Kid Constructs Amazing Replica Of The Entire City Of Manhattan Entirely Out Of LEGOs

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A 14-year-old teenager in Dublin, Ireland was able to construct the whole city of Manhattan Island with LEGOs.

This LEGO creation is by far one of the most detailed and amazing setups that we have ever seen. Included in the model is the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Central Park, and the Rockefeller Center.

Alex Bailey was not done there, either. Many of the city’s lesser-known buildings were also included. He has a real eye for detail. According to his mother, he dreams of becoming an architect once he is older.

“My 14 year old son built Manhattan using freestyle Lego. His dream is to be an architect or model designer at Lego,” his mother tweeted.

This is not a part of New York City that people are used to considering. Everyone thinks of the city as being a group of skyscrapers and little else.

This kid surely has a bright future! The creativeness, level of detail and dedication to this project is simply awesome!