‘Most Beautiful Duck In The World’ The Mandarin Duck Spotted In Canada

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The Mandarin Duck, which is highly regarded as “the most beautiful duck in the world” has once again been spotted in Canada.

Recently a rather unique, and incredibly rare animal was spotted at a deserted Burnaby Lake in suburban Vancouver, British Columbia.

Meet the Mandarin Duck…

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Considered as “the most beautiful duck in the world”, sightings of the Mandarin are far and wide.

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The colorful duck which boasts a gorgeous orange, purple, white, and blue plumage is native to China and Japan, so it’s quite rare to see on in North America.

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Over the decades, these particular birds have somehow migrated to Europe, and the odd few have made it over to North America.

And this duck, which has been affectionately named as “Trevor,” made his spectacular first appearance in Burnaby Lake back in 2018, and he attracted hoards of tourists flocking to catch sight of him.

Now, he’s back!

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He was also spotted back in November 2019 too!

Trevor’s feathers definitely stand out among the other native ducks!

What a beautiful creature!!!! So cool!