Prank Gone Wrong: Youtuber Gets Shot After Playing Prank On Unsuspecting Mall Shopper

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Tanner Cook

Tanner Cook is a Youtuber who has over 1.4 million followers on Youtube – a prankster who just got a huge reality check that messing with people can be very dangerous.

Cook and his cameras were at a Virginia mall when they approached a man with a fake spider and pretending to drop it on the man’s back. Cook never did drop the spider on the man’s back, but the man thought he had — so he pulled out a handgun and fired a shot into Cook.

The incident was captured on camera by Cook’s friend, who was filming the prank for Cook’s YouTube channel. In the video, Cook can be heard laughing as he approaches the man and says, “Hey, man, you got a spider on your back.” The man quickly turns around, sees Cook holding the fake spider, and pulls out his gun. Cook can be heard saying, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,” as the man pulls the trigger and shoots him.

After the shooting, Cook can be seen on the ground, clutching his arm and yelling in pain. His friend quickly drops the camera and runs over to help him. The man who shot Cook then begins to walk away, but is stopped by security personnel and eventually arrested by police.

Cook was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injury. But this entire event is a HUGE reminder that pranking people can go very wrong. When you invade someone’s personal space, especially in today’s world – many people are on high alert. It’s a scary world and you always have to be careful. Cook was shot in the arm/stomach, but that bullet could have easily ended his life — over a prank.