VIDEO | Student Loses $184 In Just Minutes Playing A Con Artist’s Favorite Carnival Game

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Razzle Dazzle may sound fun, but it is far from it!

Razzle Dazzle, also called Indian Poker or Cajun Bingo is a game played at carnival games whereby the player is paying per turn. Keep in mind that in America this particular game has been banned at carnivals across multiple states.

During a turn, the player rolls eight marbles onto a board, where they nestle into crevices that correspond with a number of points. If you get ten points you get a TV! Cool, right? That doesn’t sound like a scam at all!

This video shows how an innocent kid can get tricked into dropping 140 pounds ($183 USD) in a matter of minutes.

The psychology of the game involves using big prizes that increase with every roll to tempt the player to play again. Oh, and the dealer purposely miscounts. Of course, there’s so many marbles flying around no one knows whats actually going on. Hmmmmm…fishy.

So, if you don’t want to lose your marbles, and all of your money, please stay away from this rigged game. Stick to throwing at or breaking something so you at least you can let off some steam while you’re getting ripped off.

If you want to waste money on marbles, buy a box of 100 from amazon for less than $10. Problem solved.


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