Schooled | High School Kids Cook Up $2 Generic Version Of The $750-A-Pill Daraprim

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Remember a few months back when Martin Shkreli, the hedge-fund manager who last year founded Turing Pharmaceuticals, acquired an essential anti-parasitic drug, and quickly jacked up its price 55-fold, from $13.50 to $750 a pill? Well, he’s just been shown up by a group of high school chemistry students in Australia who’ve produced a generic version of Turing’s drug, Daraprim, for $2 a pill, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.


Martin Shkreli, the greedy hedge-fund manager who last year founded Turing Pharmaceuticals and hiked up pill prices like a dink.

The students were led by their teacher who is an actual chemist and together they were able to produce 3.7 grams of pyrimethamine, the active ingredient in Daraprim. If that 3.7 grams was sold here in the U.S., it would cost a whopping $100,000 based on Martin Shkreli’s ridiculous and unnecessary price hike. 

When the high school students heard about the crazy price hike, they decided they would show just how absurd the hike in price truly is. So, a few high school students and a chemistry teacher went to work and produced the same pill for just $2 a dose. Take that Martin Shkreli!

As the world knows, hiking up the price of a much needed medicine is a joke and is only done by, well, for lack of better words…greedy assholes such as Martin Shkreli. 

Proving that he is just that…a greedy asshole…Shkreli has taken to Twitter to note his lack of enthusiasm: “almost any drug can be made at small scale for a low price. glad it makes u feel good tho.” Also, don’t hold your breath waiting for this cheaper alternative to show up in the US.


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