Teens Carjack Man At Gas Station, Can’t Drive Away Because Car Has Manual Transmission

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Well if these aren’t some of the dumbest teens on the planet!

Police have arrested two teenagers they say carjacked a person before realizing they couldn’t drive the car due to it having a manual transmission.

According to a release from the Montgomery County Department of Police (MCPD), the 16-year-old juvenile from Rockville and a 17-year-old juvenile from Washington, D.C. have been arrested and charged for the strong-arm carjacking in Germantown on Saturday.

When officers arrived on the scene, the man who was carjacked informed the police that two teens approached him, told him to get out of the car and to hand his keys over. The man got out of the car, gave them the keys. The cocky teens jumped in the car and quickly realized that the vehicle was a standard (manual transmission). They couldn’t figure out how to drive the car, so they jumped out and took off on foot.

A short time later, officers noticed the two teens in the 19000 block of Frederick Road. When they tried to approach them, the teens ran but were caught after a short chase.

Both teens have been arrested and taken to the Montgomery County Central Processing unit, where they were charged as adults. The pair face one count of carjacking and one count of conspiracy carjacking each. They are currently being held without bond.