This Woman Made A Selfie Cake And It’s Way Too Real Looking!

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Natalie Sideserf truly outdid herself with an extremely realistic cake version of herself. The photo she took with her confectionary doppelgänger in her Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin, Texas has begun to make the rounds online – and we can see why.

The very realistic version of the baker looks exactly like her on the outside, but the inside shows that it was made with some striped sponge cake that has green buttercream frosting. The outside of the cake is all molded out of modeling chocolate. The attention to detail is incredible, with this cake even having edible cat-eye makeup.

The latest video shows Sideserf easily slicing into her own cake head and revealing the inside to be all spongy cake.

Sideserf shared with The New York Post, “Whether [people] absolutely love them or they absolutely hate them, I love it. If I was making cakes and everyone just loved them, I’d probably find that a little boring.”

Check out the video below: