You Can Tip Your Delivery Driver $5 By Telling Alexa To ‘Thank Your Delivery Driver’

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Amazon rolled out a pretty awesome feature this holiday season! If you are ordering products from Amazon, you are now able to tip your delivery driver $5 just by asking Alexa to ‘Thank your delivery driver’.

So why is Amazon doing this promotion? Well, Amazon is looking to celebrate a massive upcoming milestone. The company is coming up on 15 billion packages delivered, according to a press release.

The tips started being handed out on December 7 and they will be provided to the first million drivers that are thanked. The five drivers that receive the most tips are also going to be given a $10,000 bonus. As if that wasn’t awesome enough, each winner will have the option to donate another $10,000 to the charity of their choice.

How cool is that?

So remember, as you are receiving all those Amazon packages today – make sure to tell Alexa to thank the driver! Most of these delivery drivers are working over 12 hours per day during the holiday season – making sure that we all receive our packages in time for the big day!