Young Woman Who Became A Quadriplegic Receives Hate Filled Email ‘Your Disability DOES Define You’

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In 2017, Erin became a quadriplegic after a chimney collapsed on her and for the last three years, Erin has pushed forward with perseverance,  persistence and a positive attitude. Erin may be confined to a wheelchair for the time being, but her incredible strength is allowing her to make great strides, both physically and mentally – daily. Erin is studying to become a lawyer and juggling physical therapy and law school, is no easy task.

Last week, Erin received a very personal and hate filled email, with the subject line reading ‘Erin, your disability DOES define you‘. Erin shared the email (which was written anonymously), to her Facebook page, Erin’s Journey. The Facebook post caught the attention of many, including myself. The email represents a dark view from a very disgruntled and hate filled individual. In fact, it was one of the worst pieces of writing that we have read in quite some time – in regards to the level of hatred and anger which encompassed the email.

Instead of getting angry, or bashing on the composer of the email, Erin decided to use it as a source of strength, thus confirming the incredible nature of her character.

I received this email today and it’s probably one of the rudest things I have ever read. I am going to try to figure out who sent it because they were obviously too scared to send it with their name. It’s very upsetting that people can be so ignorant. All of their statistics they told me I already know this and much more than them. I also know people who have defied the statistics. Also, I am going to go to law school and be a lawyer. I know I don’t need to explain myself but I just wanted it to be clear. For the record, this email just pushes me even harder. So thank you🥰

The email is most certainly rude, in fact, it goes beyond rude. It’s troubling to see that there are such mean humans walking among us. We don’t know Erin, but after reading about her story and seeing her response to this ‘piece of garbage’ of an email, a little faith in humanity is restored. Bad things happen to good people and it’s how those good people handle the aftermath of those bad things – where we all can learn a little bit about strength, love and motivation.

Your disability most certainly does not define you. Not Erin and not anyone with a disability. The only person we see with a disability in this situation – is the creator of that email.

(You can read Erin’s full story here)

The email.