20 Hilarious Photos Of A Walmart Employee “Advertising” Store Products With A Frown

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This Maryland Walmart employee may not smile easily, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t having a blast at her job.

Charlene Mull loves to showcase the products and services that her company has to offer, she doesn’t do it in a traditional way though. Mull loves taking random photos of her and Walmart products, while frowning.

The pictures are hilarious and clearly Mull has an awesome sense of humor! You can’t help but laugh at that frown!

Got Milk?

Charlene The Cabbage Patch Kid

Riding Dirty

Gotta Stay Fit

Whittle Baby Charlene

Clearly Charlene Loves Hugs

Charlene Loves To Fill Online Orders

The Perfect Tire Model

Charlene’s Hygiene Is On Point 

Charlene Also Has A Very Strong Work Ethic

Relax Charlene…You Deserve It

Vacation While Working…Smart Idea Charlene

Despite The Jokes – Charlene Is A Star Employee

Through Rain And Snow, Charlene Is Someone You Can Always Count On!

Charlene Has That Hot Cocoa Hookup

Charlene Is Pretty Much Tom Brady In Female Form

Which One Is Charlene?

I Think She Loves Flowers…Hard To Tell

Charlene Is Sort Of Creeper Though…

Who Wouldn’t Want To Pop Charlene’s Bubbles?