Great White Shark Attack On California Diver Caught On Video

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A California diver experienced that fear firsthand and lived to tell the tale (and show off some impressive GoPro footage) after a recent close encounter with the most terrifying predator in the sea: a great white shark.

Jamie Hugg was diving off the coast of Santa Barbara with some friends when something hit him in the back, knocking his spear gun out of his hands.

At first he thought it was just his buddies messing with him, but as soon as he recovered the weapon and wheeled around, every diver’s biggest fear was right on top of him in the form of a 12-foot great white, now preparing to take a second attempt at having him for lunch.

Somehow, Hugg didn’t totally lose it when the shark came at him—he managed to stave it off with the spear gun, which luckily held the GoPro, capturing the whole attack.

All we can hear is a muted scream as we witness his desperate jab at the beast after it passes him by again. Before it has a chance to pursue, Hugg wisely hauls out for dear life, leaving behind a flipper to an unknown fate.


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