25 Baby Boomer Slang Terms That We Should Bring Back

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Much like every generation, the Baby Boomer had their own set of slang terms that were used on the daily. Now a days, the slang terms used by teens and young adults just don’t seem nearly as ‘cool’ or as ‘groovy’ as the baby boomer generation. Let’s take a look at some of the slang terms used back in the day by the baby boomer generation — that we should totally bring back!

1. Split

This means you want to take off from somewhere asap!

2. Dig It

This phrase means that you really, really enjoy something!

3. Right On

This is what Boomers say when the are in agreeance with someone!

4. Gnarly

Boomers say this when they think something is dangerous or crazy!

5. Chill Out

This means that you need to just relax and take it easy!

6. Buzz Off

Use this when you want someone to go away and leave you alone!

7. Groovy

This word describes something that is super cool!

8. Peace Out

This term is used often to say goodbye!

9. Threads

This term is used to describe clothing. ‘Nice threads dude’.

10. Square

This is used to describe someone who is lame or boring.

11. Fink

This is another word for a snitch or tattletale.

12. Boob Tube

It’s a weird term, but it refers to a television set.

13. Far-Out

This is used to explain something that is strange or bizarre.

14. Lay It On Me

Use this term when you want to hear what someone has to say.

15. Dish It Out

This means to give advice.

16. Hacked Off

When a boomer is mad or upset they use this term.

17. The Skinny

This  means ‘tell me all the juicy gossip’.

18. Moo Juice

Well, it refers to milk. Yes, milk.

19. Drag

When something or someone is boring.

20. Catch Some Zs

When you want to go to bed!

21. Loaded

This means that someone is intoxicated or high.

22. Cool Cat

If you are awesome, you are referred to as a ‘cool cat’.

23. Grody

Used to describe something gross or ‘cringy’.

24. Fuzz

This refers to the police.

25. Bummer

This is used when someone is disappointed about something.