7-Year-Old Boy Gives ‘Blessing Bags’ To Houston’s Homeless People

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Sometimes we need stories like this in order to restore faith in humanity — especially during 2020.

7-year-old Dylan Virtudazo has captured the heart of the internet because, instead of spending his birthday money on himself, he decided to go a more charitable route.

Dylan decided to created ‘blessing bags’ for the homeless folks of Houston, Texas.

“His heart is so sentimental. He told my close friend, ‘Miss Amanda, do you know what I’m going to do with that money? I’m going to feed the homeless,’” his mom Nancy Virtudazo told Chron.

The bags were all filled with snacks and hygiene products.

“He’s 7-years-old but he thinks like a grown kid. You will feel the love in all that he does. He’s just so caring. A caring selfless boy who continues to love while the world is going down the hill… A boy who put others before him. I love that about my son.”

“We’re so proud of him. I pray his story never ends and he continues to lead his generation by example.”