A Guide to Confetti Cannons And Blowers

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Source: https://confettisolutions.com/

Do you love watching confetti falling through the air at concerts and seeing streamers soar from sports stadiums to celebrate the winning team? While you might love the effects, it’s possible that you are not willing to make the costly investment needed to purchase high-quality confetti blowers and cannons. Fortunately, there is another option. You can hire confetti cannons and confetti blowers from Flutter FETTI and create awesome visuals anytime, anywhere, without the commitment to a large long-term purchase. Here are 5 benefits of buying a confetti machine

1. Try different models.

Different confetti cannon and blower models create different effects. For instance, the 3″ Continuous Flow Gerb is a mid-sized blower capable of shooting confetti up to 75 feet like an erupting volcano, meanwhile, the X-6 Double Barrel Wireless Confetti Launcher is capable of shooting large streamers up to 100 feet like a precision cannon. Some models are engineered for very large venues, while other models are designed for more intimate settings.. By trying different confetti blowers and cannons, you can find one that meets your exact needs for upcoming events – see these options here.

2. Ideal for one-time events.

Are you throwing a massive wedding reception or hosting 50th-anniversary celebrations for your company? For one-time events like those, you probably don’t want to invest much in confetti blowers or cannons. However, if you decide to go full hog you can opt for some of the best models in the marketplace, like the 9 Barrel “POD” Remote Control Confetti Launcher. Getting spectacular confetti machines will ensure your one-off event is incredibly memorable. You could even go all out and hire dozens of Tabletop Confetti Launchers as an alternative to conventional floral centerpieces.

3. Great flexibility for scheduled events.

For annual events, like city parades, festivals, and concerts, renting can provide you the benefit of being able to change up the confetti machines you use each year. One year you could rent a handheld confetti cannon, such as the Master Blaster Co2 Confetti Launcher; the next year you could rent a spectacular confetti blower, like the Continuous Flow ‘Baby’ Gerb. Changing up the confetti displays each year will help to keep returning audiences entertained.

4. Cheaper.

Being able to avail of lower prices is arguably one of the best reasons to think about buying rather than renting if you use the machine regularly, Whether you have tight budget restraints or want to minimize costs to free up cash for other equipment, buying confetti machines can save you lots of money. You can use the money saved to buy metallic streamers, glow-in-the-dark confetti or sparkling glitter confetti.