A Robotic Spy Bear Cub Attempts To Join A Family Of Hungry Grizzly Bears For An Afternoon Of Fishing

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In a splashy clip narrated by David Tennant from the PBS/BBC series Spy in the Wild 2 – The North, a robotic spy bear cub built by John Downer Productions attempts to join the resident Alaskan grizzlies for an afternoon of fishing.


When an impatient group of real cubs decided that they wanted to look elsewhere, a robotic spy bald eagle was hot on their trail and captured their quest for food.

The tide is out and the river empty. But her cubs have yet to master the art of patience. They head out to the estuary to search for the salmon… …leaving mother bear to bide her time. Spy Bald Eagle is already on their trail. Bears can smell fish up to 20 miles away. By following their nose, they soon find where the salmon are gathering.