Artist Spent 300-Hours Making A Gingerbread Replica Of The ‘Home Alone’ House

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One of the most popular movies to watch around this time of year is Home Alone. It was an instant holiday classic the moment that it made its way into theaters. However, it’s also going on 30 years old – crazy to think Home Alone is that old!

Michelle Wibowo, a well known cake designer, was invited by Disney+ UK to use her baking skills in order to recreate the famous McCallister house from the movie.

And she nailed it!

The finished product of the home is fairly big for a gingerbread house, standing almost 5.6 feet long and 4.1 feet wide. The whole thing took Wibowo roughly 300 hours to complete – mainly because she was a stickler for attention to detail.

Her detailing was so intricate, it’s hard not to be able to pick up on little things from the film itself such as Kevin’s treehouse and the tire swing. She even included the two robbers, Marv and Harry!