Atlanta Woman’s House Demolished On Accident ‘Wrong Address…Whoops’

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Susan Hodgson/AP

This bizarre tale is from Atlanta, where Susan Hodgson claims she discovered her long-standing family home of more than 40 years had been completely demolished without her knowledge or consent, luckily it was vacant at the time.

Hodgson claims that she was out of town when she received a call from a neighbor asking whether she had hired a business to bulldoze her house, which she owned but did not reside in. She was taken aback by the question because she had not.

Hodgson alleges that when the neighbor asked to speak with the demolition crew, they were quite impolite and urged her to shut up. Hodgson reports that after sending a family member who was armed with all the necessary documentation to prove her ownership of the property, the staff allegedly said, “Whoops, wrong address!”

It seems that the employees simply packed up and went after realizing they were at the wrong location — without even offering an apology. Hodgson is currently considering her legal options against the corporation responsible for this and attempting to decide what to do.

The company, You Call It, We Haul It, says in a statement to FOX5 that they are looking into the situation, but that’s the current state of affairs.