California Man Wins $10M On Scratch Ticket After Telling Clerk “Pick Whichever One You Want”

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A winning scratch-off ticket bought by a dude in California made him a millionaire, and it’s all thanks to the gas station clerk who picked the big winner!

Brent Young said he asked the clerk at Prince Food & Gas in Visalia, California, for assistance since he wasn’t sure which scratcher he wanted to purchase. “Just choose whatever one, I said. Young told the California Lottery, “I didn’t care.”

Young was given a $30 California 200X game by the clerk.

The California Lottery reported that after Young paid for his gas and the ticket, he began to scratch.

As Young was halfway through scratching the ticket he scratched off a square that indicated the top prize of $10 million.

Young said to the California Lottery, “I thought, ‘No way, this doesn’t happen to people like me,’ when I saw all those zeros.” It’s absurd. The clerk has the opportunity to select a different game from all those selections. But he refrained. He picked a winner.

Young informed the California Lottery that he typically fills up at a different gas station and purchases lottery tickets there, but that station was closed on the day, so he went to Prince’s instead.

It like divine intervention. I let someone else choose since I didn’t have a specific ticket in mind to purchase,” he said. “I was forced to visit Prince’s. My go-to location was closed. Most likely, none of this would have occurred if it had been open.

Young accepted the $5.8 million lump sum award. The owner of the gas station won $50,000 for selling the winning ticket.