Some Dude Created A Product Called ‘Avocado On A Stick’ And People Have Mixed Feelings About It

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There is no doubt that avocado’s are tasty AF! But we are not sure about stuffing them into a deodorant style tube and spreading it out on toast — or maybe it’s genius!

This strange “recipe” can be made quite simply, thanks to the help of one intrepid TikTok user who has decided to show us the ropes.

@unnecessaryinventions created the Avocado on a Stick so he could make avocado toast that much quicker and a whole lot easier!


It’s basically like a deodorant tube full of mashed avocado. Simply twist it up and smear it on your toast, and voila!

It may not be the most environmentally friendly or cost-effective option, but it does seem like a fun idea!


This is the most millennial thing I’ve ever invented. #unnecessaryinventions

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