Can Hard Water Cause Plumbing Problems?

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Hard water can cause your plumbing problems. That is a fact!

Hard water is a term that is used to define fresh water that actually contains high amounts of minerals like calcium and magnesium. This is not considered to be a risk to an individual’s health but can become a plumbing problem.

Hard water also has some minerals. The common minerals that it has its calcium and magnesium. The characteristic of this minerals is that they are tasteless, harmless and invisible.

How to Know if You Have Hard Water

You will be able to know that you have hard water if you noticed that there is some film on your fixtures and dishes or on anything that is touched by hard water. As time passes by, the film that we are talking about can eventually build up and can result to have a flaky crust.

You will know that you have a hard water at home once you see these signs on your drinking glasses, shower doors, shower head and some other locations.

How Does Hard Plumbing Affect Your Plumbing?

Can Hard Water Cause Plumbing Problems

As what we have mentioned earlier that hard water can cause a flaky result to your glass wares, the same thing will happen to your pipe.

  • Here are the effects of hard water on your plumbing.
  • Hard water can make some build up inside your pipe.
  • Hard water can form a thick layer of flaky crust.
  • The said build-up that can make the passageways of your pipe to become narrow.
  • The water pressure can eventually drop.
  • As time goes by, the mineral that a hard water contains can eventually clog your pipes causing water not to pass through.
  • It can cause you to spend more money to get your pipe fixed because it was clogged by the minerals of hard water.
  • Hard water can also cause dysfunction on your plumbing fixtures.
  • Hard water can make your shower head to make some noise.
  • It can cause your faucet to leak.

Other Problems That is Caused by Hard Water

Aside from plumbing issues of hard water, there are also other things that have an effect on. Here are some other effects on having a hard water.

1. Fading Laundry

Some minerals that are found in the hard water like calcium and iron can have a chemical reaction towards your

laundry detergent. Hard water has the ability to compromise your detergents effectiveness. It can also leave a rusty stain and can also make your clothes to become stiff.

2. Spots on Your Dishes

Having a hard water running on your faucet at using it on your dishes has an effect. It can make your dishes look dirty. Your glass wares can also have some streaks. They often have curd which is a combination of both the soap that you use and the minerals that is found in hard water.

3. Dirty Tubs 

Hard water can make your tubs and sink difficult to clean. They can have some stains that cannot be removed by cleaning products easily.

4. It Can Make Your Hair Dull

Having a hard water can make your hair dull. This is because of the minerals that a hard water contains. These minerals can certainly diminish the natural shine of your hair. Aside from this, it can also leave some build-ups on your scalp that can cause dandruff.

Hard water can also damage your hair by blocking the moisture which will make your hair dry. And the worst thing is that if you try to shampoo your hair more and rinsing them in a longer period of time, it can also cause you more problem.

5. Can Cause Skin Irritation

Hard water can also cause your skin to irritating. This is because if you have a hard water to wash your body, it can leave some soap behind. The minerals from hard water can also get rid of the moisture on your skin which will cause a dry skin. And because of this, it can turn into some skin disease like eczema which is a very common cause of hard water in one’s body.

How To Get Rid Of Hard Water

With all the problems that hard water can cause you, there is a single solution to this. This is for you to get a water softener. A water softener is a device that is used to exchange the minerals in hard water and turn it into sodium ions. For it to become effective, you have to refill your water softener with salt. Do this on a regular basis.

If you have noticed that you have a hard water running in your faucet at home and you are residing in CA, then you can call some expert plumber Long Beach, there are actually some professionals in the area. They will be able to help you in repairing your clogged pipes which caused by hard water.