Carnival Cruise Guests Banned For Life After Caught Fishing From Their Room’s Balcony

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A viral video shows some Carnival Cruise guests fishing from their room’s balcony — and Carnival was not impressed.

The guests’ behavior was in violation of the several of the cruise line’s policies, as well as local laws in The Bahamas, where the incident took place.

In an incident reported several days ago, two Carnival guests were seen fishing from their balcony stateroom in a video posted to TikTok. While the cruise ship and sailing date were not identified, one of the guests was clearly wearing a Carnival Sail-and-Sign card, with the blue card indicating it was the guest’s first sailing with the cruise line.

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Fishing off of the cruise ship isn’t specifically stated in the rules of the cruise ship…but they definitely broke the ‘no live animals on board’ rule, which in return will get you banned if you break any Carnival Cruise rule.

First, in section 9(a), every guest “agrees to abide by all shipboard rules and policies” and any violation “may cause Guest to be prohibited from sailing with Carnival in the future.”

Section 4(e) explicitly states “No Guest is permitted to bring on board the Vessel live animals” other than qualified service dogs with appropriate advance notice. The fish that was caught is seen alive in the video, and most definitely brought aboard the ship to the guests’ balcony.