Couple Builds Amazing Airship Airbnb In Just 10-Days, Now A Top Requested Rental Property

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The AirShip 002.

Now this is a cool Airbnb — and it only took Architect Roderick James and his interior designer wife Amanda Markham 10-days to design and build the AirShip 002 in 2018.

The “remote, cozy, compact, aluminum-clad capsule structure” looks like a futuristic air ship and features breath-taking Highland views from floor to ceiling.

The $205 per night accommodation in Drimnin, Scotland (£165), was the most wish-listed Airbnb rental in the UK in 2020 and secures bookings over a year in advance.

The structure cost $124,000 to build and the couple have made all their money back and then some since its launch in 2018.

The AirShip 002’s windows

“At first we weren’t intending to rent it. We just thought it would be an ideal location, but then it became incredibly popular.

“It was a brand new design and it had never been done before. We wanted to build something that could be built anywhere—and any part of the structure can be carried by two people.

The AirShip 002’s kitchen.

It has over 3000 components which were computer laser cut in the factory which took three to four months.

“But then the actual structure went up in ten days on site. In the future, all housing will become increasingly modular.”

The AirShip 002 bedroom

“The structure has everything you could need. It can even be off-grid with a compost toilet and rainwater can be collected from the roof and stored under the floor panels.

“The dragonfly window breaks up the view in such an extraordinary way. Everyone who stays here wishes they could stay for longer. It really is a special place.”

The couple have since embarked on two more unique Airbnb properties that of course — are super successful!

The AirShip 002’s view