The Most Bizarre Yet Intriguing Deep Ocean Fish Species

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There are some seriously cool, yet very creepy deep ocean creatures!

Situated along Japan’s beautiful coast, there is a portion of ocean that stretches over 1,000 and is roughly 6.8 miles deep! Whaaaat? Crazy right!

With the atmospheric pressure reaching mind blowing levels, the trench’s bottom is home to some crazy, fascinating species. These are creatures that are able to withstand immense pressure, little to no light and thrive.

First up on the list of fascinating deep sea creatures — the Frilled Shark.

Frilled sharks are truly unique beings. They go back to the prehistoric era where dinosaurs once existed. Their look will leave you with nightmares for days!

If the above image didn’t creep you out enough — there is always the image below of a ‘Fanfin Sea Devil’.

Fanfin Sea Devil’s are known for not being too friendly either (as if you couldn’t tell by the photo).

The Hatchetfish is another unique marine organism. The creature’s innovative shape and illuminating effects make it a recognizable being from miles away. The creature surely does look like something you would see in a Disney movie!

Probably one of the coolest deep sea creatures on the list is the Dumbo Octopus!

These little guys are just that – little. They move with grace and cast quite a ghostly vibe !

Next up is the Fangtooth fish. Basically a creature of nightmares. This species has daunting fangs and it’s not the friendliest marine organism roaming about the ocean.

The Goblin Shark is absolutely crazy looking! When you think of a deep sea shark…you would expect that it would look similar to the Goblin Shark.

The goblin shark has slingshot like jaws. At the same time, you’ll find researchers referring to it for it’s weird and rare alien-like feels. The fact that the jaws function at the speed of light, compared to other shark species, has plenty of divers frightened.

Dragonfish illuminate true dragon-like vibes. When you take an up-close and personal look, you’ll relate as to why it’s actually named like that.

This ocean fish is one of the most expensive ocean fish to capture. If you are able to land a Dragonfish…you could fetch up to $300,000 for it

Just think…the next time you are swimming in the ocean…these creatures could be lurking!