Woman Finds Massive Spider Hiding Under Her Car Door Handle, Doesn’t Drive For A Week

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I personally have never met anyone that truly loves spiders — but no matter how much someone loves spiders — I can’t imagine anyone would be happy to find the massive spider featured in this article — under their car door handle!

An Australian woman headed our to her car, only to find a huge spider hiding in her door handle.

This particular spider has been identified as the huntsman spider and it’s massive! There are more than 155-species of huntsman spiders in Australia and they crazy big. Some have compared their size to be equivalent to a dinner plate.

Christine Jones is of New South Wales and has basically been traumatized after finding the spider. Upon returning to her car, Jones says she was just about to open her door when she noticed something. At first, she believes the legs of the spider were just hairy little caterpillars. With further inspection, and much to her surprise, she almost touched a giant Huntsman spider. Mentioning that she noticed at the last second what she was about to do. The incident freaked her so much, that she hasn’t driven for a week after that.

(I can relate, I once killed a Black Widow in my kitchen and didn’t sleep for days)

After posting about in a local Facebook group, others have commented on the huge spider. Some have said that she should just hand over the keys to the spider since it’s the new owner now. Others told her that she would have to purchase an entirely new car now or push this one off the cliff. There’s not a lot else that comes to mind whenever we see something so huge and so frightening such as the huntsman spider.

The huntsman spider gets its name from the literal meaning. Instead of making big elaborate webs they physically stalk their prey. Using their venom and powerful mandibles to devour their food. They are very fast and can jump far distances. As you can see from how long its legs are and how huge their body is.