Deer Sticks Around To Take Selfies With Driver Who Hit Her

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This story is a year old, but it is such a cool story that simply didn’t get enough attention.

Jenny Lane from Alfred, Maine got a phone call from her 17-year-old son one evening — letting her know that he had just hit a deer with his car.

Her son Gavin is always pulling pranks on his family, so Jenny was a little hesitant to believe her son at first. (He didn’t sound stressed or hurt on the phone call). After Jenny realized her son was being serious, she asked if the deer was still alive. Gavin let her know that the deer appeared to be knocked out for a minute, but it fine.

In fact, Gavin told his mother he is just chillin’ with the deer, petting it as it began to wake up.

Mom: ‘What???’

Gavin: ‘Yah, it licked my face!’

Mom: ‘Shut the hell up!’

Gavin: ‘Yah, she seems fine. She’s just hanging out.’

Again, Jenny thought her son was messing with her, so she asked him to send a photo…and he definitely wasn’t joking around.

Her son Gavin and her 18-year-old son RJ (who was following Gavin in another car) are fine, his car is fine and after the selfie, Bambi ran off into the woods. Jenny is still laughing, because as she pointed out,

“We really cannot even make this sh@# up!!”