NASA Engineer Explains How To Defog Your Car Windows Super Fast

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Winter is coming quickly and many of you know what that means — cold temps, snow and frozen over windshields. There is nothing worse that being in a rush in the morning, heading out to your vehicle and finding that the windshield is completely frosted over. Have no fear though…we have a remedy to share with you that will have your windshield free of frost in no time!

Former NASA engineer, genius and Youtube sensation, Mark Rober explains how we can defrost windows in just a few moments time!

This is the sort of clip that you are going to want to save in your bookmarks, so that you have it for later this winter.

With this sort of brainpower on hand, how can we ever fail? Best of all, the process takes all of four steps:

1. Turn the heater in the vehicle on full blast.

2. Turn the air conditioning.

3. Turn off the inside circulation.

4. Crack the windows open.

It’s really that easy, and thanks to the awesome tip that our new friend Mark here has to offer we won’t be late to work this Winter!