Department Store Christmas Catalog Offers Up A Crazy Cool $255,000 Camper!

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This year’s Neiman Marcus “car” is unique, expensive and awesome!

The department store’s annual Christmas Book usually includes a special edition automobile, which in the past has ranged from a Ford Thunderbird to a Rolls-Royce, but this year it’s something for them to tow.

The Dallas-based company is offering a Bowlus Road Chief Bespoke Endless Highways travel trailer.

The streamlined camper is made from aluminum, trimmed in teak and includes a bedroom, kitchen, living/’dining area, toilet, shower and a 7.68-kilowatt-hour battery pack with enough energy to keep the basics running for up to two weeks and can also power its built-in air conditioner for two nights straight. It also has a super cool retro design – if you haven’t noticed.

Bowlus Road Chief was first founded in 1934 by Spirit of St. Louis aircraft designer Hawley Bowlus, but went out of business two years later before being rebooted in 2013 with new models inspired by the originals. The 25-foot 9-inch trailer weighs 3,200 pounds, can carry 19 and 21-gallons of fresh and grey water, respectively, and sleeps four.

The starting price for a Road Chief Endless Highways is $190,000, while the Bespoke Performance Edition being offered by Neiman Marcus in its Fantasy Gifts collection with a custom interior costs $255,000, with $10,000 of the purchase price going towards the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.