Florida Woman Finds Racoon In Her Christmas Tree And Chaos Ensues In Wild Video

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This ordeal is quite similar to a very famous scene in the popular Christmas movie ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’. The only difference…a raccoon came flying out of a families Christmas tree and not a squirrel as depicted in the movie.

In a video posted to Facebook, Tallahassee resident Aubrey Iacobelli initially thought a cat had crawled through her doggy door and settled in her tree on Thursday at approximately 4 a.m.

“C’mon, get out of my tree,” she can be heard telling the “cat,” which was nestled toward the back, obscured by several branches. “I swear if you knock down any of my glass ornaments, cat!”

Iacobelli tries a few different ways to scare the animal out of her Christmas tree, from brandishing a frying pan to squirting vinegar at it. However, she soon realizes she’s not dealing with a cat.

“Is it a cat? No, it’s not a cat. What is that?” she asks after catching a better glimpse of the furry critter, which she thinks might be a squirrel. “God, you guys, I’m afraid,” she tells the camera.

It wasn’t long before a raccoon head peeked out of the tree and now things were about to get real.

Iacobelli’s dog coaxed the raccoon out of the tree, then the tree fell and the raccoon began running around the house. But it wasn’t long before the raccoon made its way to the light that hung over the kitchen table. Iacobelli made sure to film the raccoon swinging on the light fixture, while the dog calmly walked around the living room.

A few hours later and a few little swats from a broom — the raccoon made its way back out into the wilderness through the front door.

Could you imagine??