This Four Year Old Saved Her Pregnant Mothers Life…9 Months Pregnant To Be Exact!

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An incredibly brave and quick-thinking 4-year-old Michigan girl is being credited with saving her pregnant mother’s life.
Calise Manning’s mom, who struggles with epilepsy, collapsed to the ground during a seizure and couldn’t reach the phone.
Luckily, 4-year-old Calise was there and leapt into action.
In a seven-minute 911 call, the calm and collected little girl told the emergency dispatcher everything she needed to know.
“My mom is really pregnant and she’s having a boy and she really needs help,” Calise said to the operator.
“Mommy, help is on the way, OK?”
Calise was able to give the dispatcher the address, allowing paramedics to arrive and provide treatment to her mother, who is just fine after the scary ordeal.
“It was really good to ride in the ambulance with mom,” Calise said. “And she was really proud of me.”
And there was even more good news for the Manning family: two days after the 911 call, Calise’s little brother TJ was born. He is doing great and Calise said he was “really cute.”

Source : Youtube