Guy Drives Van Over 70mph, Launches Off Snowbank and Into Second Story Of A House

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A wild and sad story from the top of the U.S.

Madawaska, Maine is at the very top of the country, on the border US/Canada border and over this past weekend, a wild story emerged from the small town. A story with more questions then answers.

The driver of a 2011 Ford Econoline van, Shawn Cote, 47, of Madawaska, was traveling south on 19th Avenue when he crashed into the home of David Morin, 71, at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Bellevue Street, Madawaska Police Chief Ross Dubois said.

Both Cote and Morin were pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Cote’s van appears to have struck the second floor of Morin’s home, which is set well below the road.

The crazy part about this story, is that both men knew one another and knew one another very well. The pair often dined for breakfast together.

Many locals feel that due to the location of the home, the connection between the pair involved – that there is more to this story than it just being a wild and crazy ‘accident’.