VIDEO: Truck Loses Tire On The Highway, Car Hits Tire and Gets Launched Into The Air

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If this isn’t the definition of being in the wrong place at the wrong time…I don’t know what is.

A 29-year-old driver was cruising down the interstate when a nearby truck lost a tire. The tire rolled under the car and sent the 29-year-old and his car flying through the air. It looked like a well coordinated stunt for a movie — but it wasn’t a movie.

The video shows a dark-colored Kia approaching a Chevrolet pickup that had just transitioned into the middle lane. Moments later, the front driver’s side tire of the truck pops off in front of the Kia, sending the Kia into a midair spin before crashing onto the freeway hood-first, and then rolling upright.

Thankfully the driver of both vehicles didn’t receive any major injuries. The driver of the Kia was wearing a seatbelt.

Check out the wild video below: