Heart Stopping Video Shows Man Trapped Under Fast Moving Train, Escaping In Between The Train Car Wheels

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There is crazy, then there is ‘lets lay down on train tracks and let a moving train cruise over me CRAZY!

A video from 2012 has resurfaced showing a man, somehow trapped under a moving train – hugging the train tracks. The train, moving at a high rate of speed, flows over the man and his backpack while the man’s friend films him. Daring, or just stupid – that is the question.

Halfway through the video, the man filming tells his trapped friend that he has time to escape in between the train car wheels. At that point, watching the video, your heart with most certainly start pounding as you can see the man trapped under the train is seriously considering this.

Why doesn’t he just let the entire train pass over him? Who knows!

The trapped man then throws his book bag our from under the train and attempts to ‘roll out’ himself. The man behind the camera tells him to wait, then go, then wait again, ultimately telling him ‘GO’. The once trapped man crawls out from under the moving train with just seconds to spare, before certain death.

The video isn’t high quality, the video isn’t even that good. But the fear factor and adrenaline rush you get watching it is totally worth it!