How To Remove Small Dents From Your Car With A Hair Dryer

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I swear that there are some life hacks out there that are truly lifesavers! Well, maybe not lifesavers, but at least money savers.

Anyone who owns a vehicle of their own has probably wondered how to remove the small dents that happen. Despite taking the best care of your vehicle, life happens and little dents do occur. Thankfully, one dude shared a hack he uses to remove small dents from cars and trucks and it’s a game-changer.

To get started, grab a hair dryer.

Use the hair dyers to heat up the area where the dent is. Once the area is heated up, removing the dent becomes much easier.

Next, you will need a can of air duster – found at just about any retail office supply store or box chain. Flip the can of air upside down and spray it on to the heated portion of the dent. The extreme cold temperature emitted from the can, hitting the hot dent…forms a reaction that is pretty freaking awesome!

Combing these two allows the dent to pop right out, in a perfect world. However, we did come across some videos where the process did not work. But it is definitely worth a try!

Check it out in the video below! It works!!!!

Below is the video where the process did not work. However, there could be many factors that caused this not to work. The dented area may not have been hot enough, or the canned air can was not tipped upside to maximize the cold temp of the output. Again, worth a try for a cheap fix!